Wednesday, 21 January 2009

I want!!!

I want to sing a higher tune
Like what the singer’s do
I want to act in a big theater
Like what the actor’s do
I want to dance gracefully
And move my body free
Then fly high in the sky
Like what bird’s can do.
I want to write a piece of poem
To express my emotions
I want to draw and figure out
What I am really felt
I want to live,
I want to play
Together with those little kids
And then we will laugh very loud
As if there’s no tomorrow.
I want to run under the rain
To covered my tears
I want to wash away the pain
And forget all my fears
I want to remember happiness
And not a bucks of sorrows
And believe that in reality
There is really tomorrow
I want to open his eyes
But he was blind
I want to whisper some words
But he was deaf
I want to open his mind
But she was unconscious
And when I knocked on his heart
It was frozen
I want to tell you something
But I’m loosing my breath
I want to do all of these things
But I really can’t
I want to feel my existence
But I have no chance
If she just let me see the world
Maybe, I can tell you some more…

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