Thursday, 12 March 2009

For example as "ICT IN INGINEERING". Engineering very important to be used deep create and create something product. Either "ICT" in use engineering is machine "CNC". Most work "CNC" this used by manufacturing engineering.Where machine this used to do something related product with iron. Something the product has in programme for the machine.A ingineer must create something product and only include stated working paper inside programme that has been prepared for the machine. All data stated will reserve deep "CAM". This "CAM" that govern all mobilization machine "CNC" this when something data receipt by it. After include data and receipt by "CAM", this machine will function with his self without need manpower. We will only get product revenue which has been we programme for "CAM". As a result finer from produce work human arm and can also save time.


For nearly two decades, thousands of worldwide customers have relied on the performance of innovative CAM solutions provided by SolidCAM. The hallmarks of SolidCAM are its ease-of-use combined with its powerful CAM functionality and customized post-processors that generate ready-to-go CNC-code. SolidCAM is widely used in Mechanical Manufacturing, Automotive and Aerospace industries, Electronics, Mold & Die shops and for Rapid Prototyping. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Intelligent CAD/CAM Technology Ltd. (abbreviate as ICT) was founded by three experienced engineering professionals in 1994. ICT was setup focusing on innovative and advanced 3D technologies and had a vision that 3D will be the mainstream in computer-aided design and manufacture (CAD/CAM) markets. ICT has been striving to bring in best-in-class products and service to cater customers’ need for enhanced productivity and has gained recognition with various sales and service awards. ICT also offers spectrum of solutions on computer-aided engineering (CAE), product data management ((PDM), 3D digitizing and 3D printing (3DP).


Technology much talk about currently .technology very important as can help us in all certain cases.We must follow now technological development that we do not reputed outdated.We must follow now technological development that we do not reputed outdated.

application ICT in engineering

Nowadays,we can see that the ICT application is the most important parts of engineering education.In this technological era,engineering education can’t be done without ICT application.Imagine that the engineer used to draw the project manually using their hand.It will take a long time and the measurements in the drawing are not too accurate.This problem can be avoided if the engineer use the ICT this case,he can use Auto Cad for accurate measurements in drawing and the tidy works.One more example,imagine that the engineer should count many numbers by themselves manually.Maybe the engineer will be ‘crazy’ because of that numbers.So,we can conclude that ICT applications and engineering education has their own relationship that we can’t deny.

Every works that we done must have their own objectives.The works will only can be categorized as successful if the objectives had achieved successfully.In this case,ICT application is used in engineering education to make the works become more easier.With ICT application,all informations can be achieved only on the fingertips.The next objective is ICT applications help us to produce the products that have high quality.If we make the product manually,maybe the quality is not better than the product that had been produced using ICT applicatios such as machines and some program.Using ICT applications,we are also can produce extraordinary products that can’t be done by ordinary people.As an ordinary people,our potential to produce something has the limit but using ICT applications,anything that we don’t expect can be done easily. We are also can communicate with others that live far from us or live in other country.With this way,we can share anything with them.Next objective is we can produce many products in shorter period of time that we can’t do by ourselves.